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How does Midbrain Activation Program work in India?

In India, there are Midbrain Activation centres in almost every major town. These can be independent centres or tie-ups with schools and coaching centres. Midbrain Activation workshops/classes run as an evening / after school program. The target segment includes students, especially those who face concentration issues or those individuals who wish to increase their concentration power.


Midbrain Activation in India Profitable Business Opportunity The average ongoing cost for Midbrain Activation for individuals in India is INR 10,000. Suppose, in a month, you conduct 1 Midbrain Activation workshop with a batch size of 10 individuals. With this, you can earn up to 1 Lac per month as an additional income. The best part about Midbrain Activation business is that you need to conduct sessions only during weekends. Hence, you can run it as a side business. This makes Midbrain Activation in India as an excellent business opportunity.


DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Lobes of human brain are developed at the same time when the prints present on tips of fingers are developed and they are associated with each other. DMIT Test reveals which part of brain is your strength and is an excellent tool for Career Counselling, Behaviour Counselling, Academics and Relationship Counselling.